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Exploring Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The rapid expansion of sites on the Web from the mid 1990s first led to the appearance of Search Engines. The constant need to locate relevant information, to help in both career and personal life, and the astonishing increase in speed of operation of Online Libraries, made Search Engines enormously popular. It was further helped by the creation of business models to finance these services without taxing the user. This meant instant attraction to use the nearly free services of the dominant Search Engines of the time, consequent massive jump in footprints, and a surge in Search Engine Marketing. This has created extreme polarization in Search Engines in 2020, which is now almost completely dominated by the Google Search Engine. In this blog we’ll take a deep dive into search engine marketing.

What Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

The term “Search Engine Marketing” was made famous by Danny Sullivan in 2001. It eventually covered the whole spectrum of activities that include SEO, submitting sites to directories, managing and controlling paid listings, and developing online marketing strategies and tactics for individuals and organizations belonging to a wide swath of businesses. As the Search Engines began to gather worldwide acceptance and popularity, the immense combined purchasing capacity of the common internet users began to be realized. Even in the 1990’s, this capacity was in the US$ Billions. It has now comfortably crossed the Trillion mark in US$. “Open Text” in 1996 was offering highly successful pay per click programs. This was followed by in 1998. Acquired by Yahoo! In 2003, Advertisers were being offered paid search opportunities through Yahoo! Search Marketing. But the real bandwagon started rolling in 2000, when Google hit the road running with the AdWords program. In a market increasingly dominated by Google, the pay-per-click programs have proved to be the real money makers. But others were still in the fray. In 2009, Yahoo! Combined hands with Microsoft to float an alliance. Of course, it took nearly a year, but by February, 2010, this Search alliance had received approval from Regulators in both USA and Europe.

Big Market

But since the early years, the SEM has been growing almost exponentially. For example, in 2007, US Advertisers spent US$24.6 Billion on Search Engine Marketing. Some more facts and figures will make the situation clearer. As of January 2020, there were 4.54 Billion Internet Users across the World. This represents a coverage and penetration of 59% of the Total Global Population. It is estimated that this figure would reach 53.7% in 2021. Of the Search Engines at present, Google is the absolute monolith. It has started 2020 with an average net market share of 73.34% on desktop. Though this represents a small dip since last year, Google is still the market leader. But others are also beginning to fight back. The second third and on the list, Bing and the Chinese Baidu, have more than a 10% market share each. However, on the Mobile, the story is absolutely different. Though Google saw a big drop in August 2018, it has been on the climb since then in Net market Share increase. Google started 2020 off with 92.81% net market share. Experts and Analysts have put Google’s performance down to its absolute focus on mobile UX factors for SEO.

Till the middle of last year, Desktop searches matched searches on mobile. But suddenly in June 2019 the mobile account surged to 50.71% of all searches, while Desktop searches dropped sharply to 45.53%. This gap has never been breached since that time, but has since become larger. Searches on Tablets have also been declining steadily, until they have become negligible. Websites in all niches have adjusted to these trends by increasingly optimizing their pages for mobile. Early adopters of these practices in the adult space saw these translated into improvements in organic search traffic. Adult web assets like Free FuckbookHookup App focused on increasing the page speed on their mobile site and outranked many competitors in the adult dating niche. This was notable in the search engine marketing community and other websites in the adult space along with companies in other niches followed suit.

Search Engine Market Searchers are people who like to remain connected 24/7, and this is only possible on the mobile. The high connectivity and penetration of the mobile phone across the globe means that searches on the Desktop and the Tablet will be on the decline continuously, And perhaps precipitously.

It is now increasingly clear that SEM needs to optimize on mobile phones rather than other devices.

SEM Trends

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become an unavoidable tool for many businesses. One of the most powerful marketing techniques today to drive more traffic is search engine marketing. The support that SEM gives to Content Marketing helps companies to be found in the first few pages of the search engine results. SEM is also known as Paid Advertising, (PPC) Pay-Per-Click and Paid Search Ads. While using Search Engines like Google, people are targeted by SEM using keyword phrases.

Some of the Top SEM Trends in 2020 are presented below:

  • Automation is the dominant trend in SEM these days. Intelligent automation in search engine marketing not only saves time, but is means to gain strategic advantage over rivals.
  • Artificial Intelligence is one of the great change-makers of this generation, so much so that the economic effect, by 2030, is predictable to get to US$15.7 Trillion. The massive quantities of data generated would have been impossible to process were it not for AI. AI enables understanding of ways of searching for Users, tastes and the behaviors.
  • Smart Bidding is an automatic progression of bidding. It helps to improvise the auction values incorporating machine learning. Smart Bidding utilizes AI to tell Google what the advertiser’s target is, and how to achieve it within budget. This reduces the burden of conducting each Ad manually, boosting ad efficiency automatically.
  • Video Ads will be the other ruling trend, not just in 2020, but for quite some time later. For a high impact yet low budget ad, nothing beats strong visual content. Google has a most interesting Video Ad innovation called Bumper Machine. This is driven by Machine Learning to create 6-second bumper ads from longer videos (90 seconds or less) for viewing across YouTube.

The advertisers who apply refined voice search to their ads will be trend-setters in PPC campaigns in 2020, as will be the trends highlighted above.

DuckDuckGo – Pros & Cons

Do you even remember when you didn’t know the answer to a particular query and you didn’t even know where to find an answer to it? Most of them instantly go to a google search, it has become a favorite medium such as your neighborhood shop when you want your favorite items in a flash. In such situations like these Google has an upper hand over many of its peers. We will be talking about one such search engine Duckduckgo, which is taking on the giant in the search engine domain Google.

But alternatives do come with a rider, according to Alexander Von Gernler, VP of Informatics society of Germany, there is nothing really like free search. Search engines are in the process of making money and they do it in two ways, first by displaying relevant ads and then saving your precious data.

About Duckduckgo

The world had already seen a companion of sorts with Google, which would answer all their queries albeit some personal ones. But once a popular brand gets maximum attention, few want to take a piece of the cake. Duckduckgo is one such brand. It was founded in the year 2008 and is claimed to not store the information of its users.

Duckduckgo doesn’t spam their users with ads and also don’t store the personal information of its user even in the private browsing mode. By doing this it was different completely from its peers and that’s what made them stand out in first place. Privacy is the main draw of this search engine. Many times if users are looking at adult related content they want to maintain their privacy and not leave any history. Private searching allows users to browse pornography or for adult daters to research a free fuck app without worrying about someone knowing what they are up to. This makes users viewing adult sites much more comfortable.

The Duckduckgo is similar to the market leader Google in many ways, it has similar layouts compared to Google and also has the same search engine landing pages (SERPS) compared to Google. It has also the same number of ads at the start and the bottom of the page, which usually revolves around keywords and relevant topics.

Duckduckgo has a browser, called Duckduckbot, and some multiple other search engines to compile it’s search results. The other search engine includes Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and the popular crowd favorite Wikipedia. The search results are very similar to Google as it offers a knowledge panel like a break-out box, which will have all pieces of information like name, address, phone number and the website, which is taken from the sources like Wikipedia. Google also has search patterns like these.

Duckduckgo pulls out reviews from providers like Yelp, which has many info regarding the business hours, contact details and many other things. For maps, Duckduckgo relies on Bing, which is by default and it can be changed to other sources like Google maps, HERE maps.

Features of Duckduckgo

  • Speed, its search is way faster than Google.
  • It doesn’t have annoying captcha like I am human types.
  • Bangs
  • High standard of privacy.
  • Efficient and reliable search engine
  • It has grown by 56% in 2018 and has 9.2 billion searches.

Pros and Cons of DuckDuckGo

Let’s now take a quick look at the pros and cons of Duckduckgo.


  • Privacy
  • User-friendly
  • Gaining popularity quickly


  • Nowhere close to Google
  • Minimal market research
  • Always trying to catch up with competitors

Many search engines have made a debut in the market to compete against Google, but many have bitten the dust so far. Google is a far more robust search engine, which can execute a plethora of tasks without much fuss. It has a vast number of databases and its main feature is the maps, which aids in the business of many companies. Ultimately, Google is the Goliath of the search engine as it boosts the search engine index of hundreds of billions of search pages. It’s also the smartest available in the market right now.

Yandex: An Alternative Search Engine

yandes search engine

On a regular basis, tech giants like Facebook and Amazon show the news. It is the known fact that search engine googles became the internet search. Every day many of the people are using the internet and a large number of English or American companies meet the criteria. One such organization which is continuing to be an important part of the tech industry is Yandex. It’ search engine is also termed as Yandex which is innovated in offering search algorithms field yet also offering web development, analytics, and many more. The revenue for this search engine comes from the ads of contextual search. Many of the organization pay to Yandex for promoting their business through the platform of search engine. You can search on Yandex for finding hundreds of results.

Majority of the results shown are depending on relevance, few of them are paid advertising results. Search engines always do work in offering the best content depending on particular wording. Yet it is also crucial in noting a few of the outcomes rank the highest due to the paid advertising. The only difficulty is present while making a balance with the sponsors’ requirements with the search algorithm so that end-user gets the better result. The Yandex operates in delivering the search outcomes as effective products and useful ones for the people using it. Returning of the relevant outcomes to their customers they function in building the trust within their group. This can enhance the chance that customers form a loyalty towards their platform.

Understanding how Yandex is a construction tech empire in AI and search

This company is the innovation which is well known for offering the best administrations that can span the search engines, analytics, and AI. It is built with the objective of making the customers navigate both offline and online worlds. This search has tried in delivering better content and efficient search outcomes while offering high-tech algorithms variety for making sure the outcomes shown are valuable and useful.

For the success of a search engine, it has to offer relevant and consistent results to the people. Every day you can find billions of searches to be performed on the web. These all need important assets for making sure the results are relevant so that they come back again to their search engine to search. This search engine, Yandex remains to be the leader of a search engine for specific organizations. They also offer a specific range of services and products. They began working in building the offering and services of technology for helping their customers in finding better search outcomes, understand business analytics, and grow the business.

Important business offerings provided by Yandex

Yandex becoming the popular search engine which has powerful functionality and its objective as a company is for helping the customers to enjoy the internet in an efficient way. Here are some of the crucial business providings Yandex offers are:

Database Management – Click House:

This search engine offers systems of data management for the businesses which gather a huge amount of data. The click house enables the users in tracking, sifting, and organizing more data for helping to make the decisions for better business and keep important metrics track.

Map APIs:

It provides data about the maps. The APIs of the map enables the apps, programs, and another application in providing precise area information for different types of uses. Many of the developers access this map information which is important in construction a complete operating application or administration. Many numbers of businesses present in the world depend on it. Their data of mapping leads the organization to reach the accuracy in a precise way.

Cat Boost:

Cat Boost is one of the most prominent enterprise administrations and it is a technical algorithm utilized for forecasting so much information. Such that the businesses can make wise decisions throughout the growth of their company. This can also rank the tasks as well as make the suggestions depending on the data provided to the user.

Speech Kit:

In the development of speech innovations, Yandex is an industry leader for creating the best web experience for individuals with specific requirements. The Yandex leverages the cloud services as well as offer different variety of recognition innovation for the companies requiring solutions which are integrated for their mobile applications.

App Metrica:

This search engine provides software for analytics in tracking the app metrics and execution from single developers to larger corporations of an industry. These analytics which is free offers the end-users with the capability in tracking and understanding the information metrics. the can be utilized to enhance the specific application, service, or the product.

Yandex and Privacy:

This search engine has its commitment to offering privacy and also in managing the profitable business of contextual advertising. The organization utilizes different privacy measures for ensuring the data of the users to be protected. This is also utilized to enhance the experience of end-users. Like other search engines present in the world, these continue to enhance their commitment to privacy as the customers expect their information to remain as the safe one.

Thus, these are some of the Yandex business offerings to a user who has the thought of growing his/her business.